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What will the future hold?

Can my child be taught to control his behavior?  Will she be able to have meaningful relationships?  Are our goals and expectations reasonable?  Will life ever become “normal” for my family?  I just want him to be happy and at peace with who he is.  

Throughout development...

individuals will experience a variety of emotional, behavioral, social and educational difficulties.  Mild difficulties often are a natural part of growth and development, and through the process of overcoming adversity, a person learns new skills, develops insight and wisdom, and builds resilience.   However, there are times and situations when moderate to severe problems arise, that will require professional assistance to address psychological needs.

At Phillips & Alford

we welcome children, adolescents and families who are facing these challenges.  Our practice is designed to help support, teach and collectively navigate through the process of effective treatment.  If you are ready to successfully reach goals and achieve healthy solutions, contact us today.  

We are here to understand.

We are here to promote change.

We are ready to begin.  


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Phillips & Alford Psychological Associates

22762 Westheimer Pkwy, Ste. 570


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 4pm - 8pm

Information & FAQ

About Us

Daniel M. Phillips III, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology.  Dr. Phillips is the former President of the Houston Psychological Association.  Christopher J. Alford, M.A. is a Licensed Psychological Associate and Lead Licensed Specialist in School Psychology.  Both Dr. Phillips and Mr. Alford hold various certifications and achievements regarding outstanding psychological services. 

Our Philisophy

The most important elements in determining the quality of psychological services are the relationship between the client and therapist and the experience of the professional.  Throughout a collective 30+ years of experience providing psychological services to children, adolescents, young adults, parents, teachers, and administrators, we have learned a few things...  

We know that students go to school and parents work, so we hold office hours from 4 pm to 9 pm Monday through Thursday, and some Saturdays during the day/evening.

We know that time is a valuable resource, so offer parent training in conjunction with child/adolescent treatment.  This will also promote behavioral change and generalization of new skills.

We know that children and adolescents learn "experientially," so offer opportunities for our clients to work through challenges in unique and fun ways above and beyond "talk therapy."

We understand that social skills are best learned in social situations, so offer groups to assist our clients to explore and practice social interactions.

We know that difficulties experienced by one can affect others throughout their surrounding systems (i.e., family, friends, school, etc.).  Therefore, we encourage communication and shared knowledge to promote generalization and change.

And, we know that, no matter what the diagnosis, symptoms, or severity of difficulties, we all have strengths to share and connections worth developing.

We are here to understand.  We are here to promote change.  We are here to help. 

Where is your office?

We are located at the Villagio Town Center, at the back northeast corner of the property.

  1. Locate Adventure Kids Playcare.
  2. Enter through the double glass doors to their left when facing the building.
  3. Take the stairs or elevator to the second floor.
  4. We are at the end of the long hallway after turning the corner by Steeplechase Pediatrics.  

Do You Take Insurance?

Sorry, no. However, detailed billing receipts can be provided to be submitted by clients to help with insurance reimbursement. We ask that you check with your insurance provider regarding filing procedures and reimbursement rates. 

What age groups do you treat?

Typically, we treat children as young as 5 years old, up to adults about the age of 22 who may be transitioning to college or first jobs. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Do you conduct psychological evaluations?

At this time we only provide counseling services. However, we work closely with multiple professionals in the Katy and surrounding areas, and can give resources and referrals regarding psychiatric and psychological assessments as needed.

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